October 20 2021

Visiting address
Westblaak 32
3012 KM Rotterdam

Postal address
PO box 346
3000 AH Rotterdam

Tel +31 (0) 10 2170950
Fax +31 (0) 10 4132273
E-mail info@cebecoagrochemie.nl

Cebeco Agrochemie BV

Cebeco Agrochemie B.V. is responsible for joint purchasing of plant protection products for the cooperatives that participate as shareholder in Cebeco Agrochemie B.V.
Cebeco Agrochemie B.V. purchases in all the world from multinationals and other companies engaged in the development and the distribution of plant protection products.
The top specialists in Cebeco Agrochemie B.V. support the cooperatives in determining the annual plant protection plan for each type of crop. The cooperatives have a strong network of specialists and representatives who provide sales support to agriculturists and growers.
Cebeco Agrochemie B.V. operates an optimum logistics network with manufacturers and cooperatives. The distribution lines are kept as short as possible.

You may contact Cebeco Agrochemie B.V. at: info@cebecoagrochemie.nl